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NB-IoT Remote Management

NB-IoT System

ATLAS NB-IoT Remote Control System

With the development of IoT and Cloud technologies, it is more advanced in remote management systems control and efficiency can be provided. Experienced in the sector with our hardware and software products we are meter systems, agricultural irrigation, By following technological innovations in areas such as valve-flow measurement systems and smart irrigation, We offer ATLAS Meter industry-specific solutions that increase efficiency, savings and comfort. There is no longer a need to manually save data! Data for uptime and real-time management collected, analyzed and visualized.

What is Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT)?

NB-IoT structure

For objects that require long battery life and are in hard to reach areas, low energy and high NB-IoT technology providing coverage area is used on existing mobile networks. It's hard to contain Allows millions of devices to continue communicating even in areas where they are located and with low power consumption It is a technology that extends the battery life of devices up to 10 years. It eliminates reading errors. At least 10% income from correct accrual increase is provided. The meter can be read even when the subscriber is not at home or the meter cannot be reached, Water consumption is taken under control, thus protecting natural resources. Water network problems (loss and leakage) are detected and corrected. Illegal interventions income increase is also achieved by preventing it. The information of the meter is transferred to the system and recorded over the NB-IoT protocol. Counter with staff reading, meter removal process is terminated due to debt.

NB-IoT Solutions

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeters measure the flow rate of the fluid with sound waves and providing the opportunity to monitor the flow and also used for control purposes are devices.

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Ultrasonic Water Meter

With its ultrasonic measuring principle, it is much more sensitive than mechanical meters. Active Since it does not contain any parts, it has a life 2 times longer than mechanical meters.

Atlas Smart Valve

Atlas Smart Valve

Atlas remote control smart valves can be used for on / off and proportional control. Large Suitable for high pressure and flow systems with a choice of actuators.

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Our smart irrigation systems with NB-IoT feature help you to irrigate more safely by increasing efficiency and savings. Atlas simplifies the process of connecting your devices so you can focus on your core business.