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LoRaWAN Remote Management

With our ATLAS LoRaWAN ™ long range and low power consumption end devices At a distance of 10 km to the controls at the main gateway in your land / property, even It can transfer data up to 15 km with repeater network systems. Ideal applications for LoRaWAN ™; sensor networks, security systems, smart home, smart metering, can be listed as industrial control and smart cities.

atlas lorawan remote management

NB-IoT Remote Management

In hard-to-reach areas that require long battery life NB-IoT technology, which provides high coverage with low energy for objects, used on networks. Even in areas where coverage is difficult, millions of devices and extends the battery life of devices up to 10 years while consuming low power technology.


Gsm Remote Management

GSM-IoT smart irrigation systems are a system that automates the irrigation process and uses GSM networks. system. The user can open or close the valve, pump and similar devices with a single button. can bring. Intelligent irrigation systems can be made in any area that needs water. Especially big GSM-IoT systems, which provide high savings in land and irrigation areas, are generally It is used in the fields that are cultivated and planted.


Agricultural Irrigation Solutions

The agricultural irrigation hydrants connected to the closed irrigation system used to reach. In H type irrigation hydrants, the opening and closing operation is located at the hydrant outlet. It is made hydraulically with the prepayment system. It provides remote access thanks to its integrated IoT technology. With mobile phone or tablet Remote on / off operation can be done. The amount of water passing through it and the flow-time related to this statistics and all types of fault codes and alarms can be monitored remotely.


Prepaid Systems

Atlas Preloaded Ultrasonic Agricultural Irrigation Meter provides all your needs in agricultural irrigation. has the technical features to meet the quality and has emerged as a result of years of field experience is a complete solution. Its structure that is not affected by sediment and materials in the irrigation water, Irrigation with high reliability measurement system and free management software Provides lower costs and increase efficiency.


Smart Irrigation Solutions

Intelligent irrigation is the most important component of precision farming. Farmers prevent wasting water and It helps to increase the quality of growing crops in their fields / gardens. Watering at the right time It minimizes the waste caused by excessive irrigation. Automatic irrigation systems Replacing valves, pumps and other components saves energy, time, and valuable resources. It is very effective in saving.