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Three Way Valves and Actuators

Three Way Valves And Actuators

Three Way Valves UYV50
Three Way ValvesUYV40
Three Way Valves And Actuators
Three Way Valves And Actuators motor
Key Features
  • The body is made from GG25 casting iron
  • Motor Shaft connections are Stainless steel
  • Full compatibility with Atlas Ecopanel
  • Full compatibility with Atlas Actuator
  • Ability to work with different brands and models of motor drives and ports compatibility
  • 90° rotation angle
  • Flanged connection PN6
  • Pressure class PN6
  • Can be produced from DN40 up to DN200
Box Details
  • Gasket
  • Bolt
  • Connection apparatus
  • 3 way valve, 1 Pcs
  • User Manual and Mounting Directions

Model Selection for Three-Way Valve Purchase
  • When purchasing a Three-Way Valve, the nominal flow rate in the area where the meter will be used should be considered.
  • The model with the most suitable DN (valve inner diameter) diameter for the nominal flow rate should be selected.
Flow Measuring Range

The table below shows the model table associated with DN (valve inner diameter) - flow rate measurement range.

TypeDNNominal Flow Rate
UYV404025 1809013010014
three way valve dimension