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Lorawan Rf Data Collection Modules

LoRaWan - RF Data Collection
Mbus to LoraWan
LoRaWan - RF Data Collection
Mbus convertor Cnv
Lora Gateway

ATLAS data collection devices can collect data from various meters such as electricity, water and natural gas and can transfer data to automatic meter reading systems. It can be produced in options that can provide input and output according to any type of data reading system known in the industry.

  • ATLAS PL01- Pulse to LoRaWAN converter
  • ATLAS PL02- M-BUS to LoRaWAN converter
  • ATLAS PL03- M-BUS to RS485 converter
  • ATLAS PL04- AMR Reading Modul
M-BUS and LoRaWAN converter Applications
  • Water Meters
  • Heat Meters
  • Natural-gas Meters
  • Electric Meters

  • Product Module: LoRaWan gateway
  • LoRa long range module technology
  • Half-duplex
  • Simultaneously receive LoRa packets
  • Dual digital Tx & Rx radio front-end
  • Dynamic data-rate adaptation (ADR)
  • Multi LoRa Spreading Factor
  • Maximum 10 channels
  • 1 x LoRa channel (Bandwidth 125/250/500kHz)
  • 1 x FSK channel
  • 8 x Multi SF LoRa channels (SF7 to SF12 with125kHz Bandwidth)