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Lorawan Gas/Water Valve

LoRaWAN Gas Water Valve

  • Pulse reader unit
  • Cut-off Unit
  • Energy Unit
  • Communication Unit
Energy Unit

The product is powered by a 3.6 V Lithium battery. Battery transmission is made by opening a special cover on the box. There is no need to open the main cover of the case when changing the battery. When the battery cover is opened, the cut-off activates with the alarm and closes the valve.

Pulse Reader Unit

Pulse reader unit is designed in accordance with the meter type. It is equipped with an electronic seal in such a way that when the pulse reader unit installed on the meter is removed or its cable is cut, it will alarm and the cutting unit will be activated.

Cut-off Unit

The cut-off unit consists of DC motor and round valve. It is protected by an electronic seal in order to prevent external interventions when the motorized valve is fully opened and closed, and the command is received from the control unit. When the cover is opened, an alarm is activated and the valve is closed.

lorawan gas water valve