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Ultrasonic Heat Meters UKM50-UKM300

Ultrasonic Heatmeter
Ultrasonic Heatmeter UKM50
Ultrasonic Heatmeter UKM80
Ultrasonic UKM50
Key Features
  • Produced according to the requirements of EN 1434 standards
  • MID approved
  • Ultrasonic measurement method gives more accurate results than classical mechanic heat meter measurement.
  • The product does not have any moving part so that has a longer life than classical mechanic heat meters
  • Low energy usage provides long-term battery life up to 10 years
  • Temperature measurement range: 5˚C - 90˚C
  • Maximum applicable pressure (MAP) is 16bar
Box Details
  • UKM-20 Heat Meter, 1 Pcs
  • gasket, 2 Pcs
  • Sensor Mounting Part , 2 Pcs
  • Sensor O-Ring Gasket, 1 Pcs
  • User Manual and Mounting Directions

Product Features
  • The product can measure at low flow status
  • Heat Sensor Pair for Linear Measurement
  • Minimum measurement ∆t starts 0,1 ºC
  • Temperature measurement between 5 ºC and 90 ºC
  • Maximum applicable pressure (MAP) is 16bar
  • It has a non-magnetic technology.
Model Selection in Ultrasonic Heat Meter Purchase
  • When purchasing a ultrasonic heat meter, the minimum flow rate and the nominal flow rate in the area where the heat meter will be used should be considered.
  • The model with the most suitable DN (heat meter inner diameter) diameter for the minimum and nominal flow rate should be selected.
Flow Measurement Range

The table below shows the model table associated with DN (heat meter inner diameter) - flow rate measuring range.

Nominal Flow (qp)
Minimum Flow (qi)