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Heat Allocation - AIP

Heat Allocator - AIP

Product Features
  • Summer sleep mode
  • Low energy usage provides long-term battery life up to 10 years
  • Detecting manipulation
  • Retrospective statistical data records
  • Compatible working with ATLAS data concentrator stations.
  • Compatible with international standards
  • 5 digits LCD display
  • One way and two way communication
  • AES-128 block data encryption
  • Manipulation seal and manipulation button
  • Integrated real time clock
  • High accuracy temperature sensor (1%)

System Features
  • Produced according to the EN 834 norms
  • Button of manipulation triggers an alarm when back cover is removed. The alarm which cannot be reset transfers with telegram while reading
  • Can be read by hand terminal. The data on the heat allocation device can be transferred to telephone via Bluetooth
  • Supports concentrator stations. Sends data at adjusted time periods
  • Easy Setup and just pressing button is enough to do it
  • KC, KQ and KT values can be adjusted during setup process or can be changed later
  • Smart usage power adjusting; usage power is automatically increased for communicating with a far concentrator stations and usage power is automatically decreased for communicating with a near concentrator
  • Walk By reading, M-Bus and remote reading with GSM modem
  • Records consumption data for last 18 months.