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Adaptive Hydro Zone Controller

Adaptive Hydro Zone Controller

Usage areas
  • City networks DMA rooms
  • Pipelines leakage control
  • Park and Garden Irrigation Systems
  • Agricultural Irrigation Systems
  • Factories and Organized Industrial Zones
  • Public Life Centers
Optional Components
  • GSM / GPRS, Nb-IOT, RF and LoRaWAN wireless communication modules
  • ModBUS-TCP, ModBUS-RTU, RS485 and M-BUS wired communication modules,
  • Pulse Output
  • WEB Based Cloud Software
  • Local Control Software

Model Selection for Ultrasonic Flowmeter Purchase
  • When purchasing a ultrasonic water meter, the minimum flow rate and the nominal flow rate in the area where the water meter will be used should be considered.
  • The model with the most suitable DN (water meter inner diameter) diameter for the minimum and nominal flow rate should be selected
Flow Measuring Range

The table below shows the model table associated with DN (water meter inner diameter) - flow rate measuring range.