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Control Valve

LoRaWAN Gas Water Valve

Product Description

Atlas solenoid control valve is the hydraulic control valve operated by line pressure and designed to ensure opening/closing process by means of built in 3-way solenoid pilot valve controlled remotely with electric signal. Electric signal for solenoid pilot valve is ensured by means of a control device, time relay, main switch and PLC control units etc.

Available Controllers:
  • Atlas LoraWAN Controlller
  • Atlas GSM/GPRS Controller
  • Atlas Narrow Band Controller system integration is free of charge. Please contact us about the details.


Opening/Closing process may be realized easilymanual control on solenoid pilot valve. Depending on requirements. 24V AC 50Hz/60Hz or 12V DC, 9V Latch and 12V DC Latch normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) solenoids coils may be used on main valve.

The Atlas Solenoid Control Valve has a wide range of applications for anywhere it may be required to position a valve electrically. Typical examples include process control, supervisory flow or pressure control and automated fountains.

How Works

Basic Control Valve, a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, pilot controlled globe valve which closes with an elastomer-on-metal seal. a two-way, electrically actuated, normally open valve. When deenergized, it acts to close the valve. two-way, electri-cally actuated, normally closed valve. When energized, it acts to open the valve.

Theory Of Operation

The valve is opened, closed, and positioned based on discrete electrical signals applied to the solenoid pilots, To open the valve, power is applied to solenoid.