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Inspection Service

Why Should Heat Meter Inspection Be Done?

Heat meters used for fair distribution of energy costs in buildings heated with a central system examination condition was introduced. Heat Meters Inspection Regulation of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in the Official Gazette published.

Allocation of energy costs in buildings heated by central heating systems with the regulation workplaces that will provide these services with the repair, maintenance, adjustment, inspection, stamping of the heat meters used and of the staff who will work here The procedures and principles for certification have been determined.
Accordingly, meters are subject to initial inspection, periodic inspection, instant inspection, complaint inspection and stock inspection. will be kept. All parts of the meters, including their software, that may affect the measurement results, mechanical or electronic will be secured.

After the meters are placed on the market, inspection procedures are performed by the user by Atlas Sayaç. station services will be built.

Services that perform repair, maintenance, adjustment, inspection and stamping operations and the technical services working in these services personnel will be certified by the ministry.

Periodic inspection period of heat meters will be 5 years. In case of violation of regulation requirements Sanctions will be imposed according to the provisions of the relevant legislation.

Assembly - disassembly service;

As Atlas Sayaç, we carry out the assembly and disassembly of Heat Meters that we are authorized.

Replacement of mechanical meters with ultrasonic meters;

  • The superiority of ultrasonic meters to mechanical meters
  • With its ultrasonic measuring principle, it is much more sensitive than mechanical meters.
  • Since it does not contain moving parts, it has 2 times longer life than mechanical meters.

As Atlas Sayaç, we carry out the assembly and disassembly of Heat Meters that we are authorized.