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Applications and Software

An IoT platform is essentially the heart of your entire IoT solution. Creating a scalable and reliable IoT platform is difficult, so hundreds of IoT services in the market today platforms are reseller. ATLAS offers you the most suitable solutions to manage your meter devices. Also for your projects produces solutions. Some of these solutions are;

  • Smart Measure
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Regional Irrigation
  • Leak Detection
  • Park and Garden Lighting
  • Natural Gas Valve Control
  • Heat Cost Allocator Temperature Data Control
  • Industrial Projects
  • Remote Control of Devices

Atlasserver application provides all of these solutions online for Atlas Meter products. These products and product range can be customized for you by R&D on a project and product basis. In this way, you can design your projects flexibly with Atlas products. With Atlas server, you can collect information from your devices, give scheduled and instant tasks, and your devices At the same time, you can access your data and manage your devices on the map. With the advanced user-friendly interface of Atlas server you can do all this in just a few clicks. you can realize.

An overview of different solutions, proven by Atlas Meter, its compatible devices for different projects offers ...

Atlas Server Tüm cihazlardan yönetim

Ready Statıstıcs wıth Atlas Server

Preparing Statistics In Specialized Fields

The values taken from the sensors of your devices are constantly stored. Date through these values you can generate interval statistics.

Statistics for Single Device or All Devices

Statistical data in the desired date range with data collected from a device or all devices you can produce.

Atlas Server Works on All Devices and Operating Systems

Atlas Server on all systems with internet access and a web browser you can access. This gives you full access from anywhere on your devices.


Full Support to Your Projects wıth Web APIs

With the Atlas server web API, it is possible to access your device data 24/7 for your own projects. In order to be more flexible in your projects, atlas server api is updated specially for you. is being developed. In this respect, it has ensured to be constantly updated. In this way, you can create your own projects with your atlas counter products. you can create.



Control your devices online from their exact location on the map with Atlas Server. You can assign a task.
  • High accuracy device positioning
  • Device status monitoring on the map
  • Sending orders to devices on the map.

Gsm / NB-Iot Solutions

NB-IOT Compatible Meters

Atlas Meter products provide NB-Iot support. In this way, you can develop with NB-Iot in projects where LoraWAN protocol is not suitable.

Atlas Server NB-Iot

You can access your NB-Iot devices via Atlas server. You can read their information or you can send orders.

Devıce communıcatıon and control wıthout ınternet

Mobıl LoraWAN

Mobile lorawan devices or gateway technically It can be used wherever internet access is not available. In this way, even if you do not have internet access, you can use your devices on a single device in their region. You can watch and manage.

By reading your devices in the field with the mobile device software and mobile gateway offered by Atlas Sayaç, You can store your data offline.